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Major Crimes Unit




The Major Crimes Division is comprised of one captain, three lieutenants, 10 sergeants, 67 detectives, two forensic technicians and one photo lab technician.

It includes the units of Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Forensics, Arson and Youth and Family crimes.

Investigators from the Major Crimes unit continually provide information to the victim’s family throughout the course of the case. These investigators are integral to the process of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office during the presentation and prosecution of the cases.

If you need to reach one of our detectives, please contact them at their phone numbers or e-mail addresses listed here on the website. If you have difficulty reaching a detective or are not sure which detective you need to speak with, please call the Major Crimes main number (804) 646-6741.

What to do if your child has run away or is missing

The Homicide Support Group provides a place of support and healing for survivors of homicide victims.

Homicides reported in 2023:

Name Date Location
Kathy Brashier 1/14/2023 2400 block of Richdale Road
Tegene Birke 2/24/2023 3400 block of Maury Street
Tyreese Robinson 1/27/2023 1300 block of St. Paul Street
Carlton Jackson 2/9/2023 300 block of East Broad Street
Summer Fuller 2/13/2023 4200 block of Chamberlayne Avenue
Anthony Robinson 2/18/2023 1300 block of Minefee Street
Balewa Hendy 2/20/2023 2000 block of West Broad Street
Marcus Craddock 2/20/2023 1200 block of Highland View Road
Antajuan Hawkins 2/26/2023 4900 block of Old Brook Road
Tynesha Hopson 2/27/2023 4300 block of Hobbs Lane
Davonte Straus 3/5/2023 4100 block of Hull Street
Tyshawn Wyatt 3/5/2023 1400 block of Harwood Street
Tyrek Brandon 3/6/2023 00 block of East 16th Street
Asha Hite 3/8/2023 1100 block of Hollister Avenue
Eddie Horne, Jr. 3/9/2023 00 block of Gladstone Avenue
Elijah Johnson 3/18/2023 3400 block of Walmsley Boulevard
Peace Talbert 3/31/2023 1100 block of Evergreen Avenue
Brandon Jackson 4/3/2023 1000 block of Mosby Street
Patrick Jenkins  4/9/2023 1900 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike
Seymour Burton 4/16/2023 2300 block of Redd Street
Orlando Lee 4/16/2023 5600 block of Petoskey Avenue
Curtis Edwards 4/17/2023 3500 block of Stuart Avenue
Charneice Williams 4/19/2023 3200 block of Decatur Street
Curtis Kitchen 4/22/2023 1800 block of R Street
Kwanasia Clark 4/27/2023 2200 block of Halifax Avenue
Marcus Dobson 4/27/2023 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike
Ckristofer Tyler 5/3/2023 1100 block of Richmond Highway
Cameron Cole 5/7/2023 2100 block of Commerce Road
Ty'Quan White 5/10/2023 1300 block of East Marshall Street
Juvenile Male 5/23/2023 2400 block of Terminal Avenue
Shawn Jackson 6/6/2023 Monroe Park
Renzo Smith 6/6/2023 Monroe Park
Darryl Talley 6/5/2023 3800 block of Castlewood Road
Jazshawn Hickman 6/11/2023 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike
Willie Green, Jr. 6/22/2023 2000 block of Mansion Avenue
Raymond Byers 7/1/2023 3900 block of Chamberlayne Avenue
Darryl Jordan, Jr. 7/3/2023 1900 block of Raven Street
Jamario Robinson 7/20/2023 2100 block of Newbourne Street
Terrance Willis, Jr. 7/25/2023 1300 block of St. James Street
Doniell Herman, Jr. 6/24/2023 100 block of East Broad Street
Zion Joseph 8/2/2023 1900 block of Phaup Street
Rayvon Holloway 4/11/2023 1600 block of Gay Street
Vanmeshia Proctor 8/12/2023 1600 block of Littlepage Street
Aiden Minor 8/14/2023 1200 block of Garber Street
Tyvon Williams 8/17/2023 800 block of South Lombardy Street
Temetrius Coker 8/27/2023 200 block of West Baker Street
Isaiah Johnson 8/28/2023 4300 block of Richmond Highway
Antoine Christian 9/15/2023 2100 block of Phaup Street
Lavon Page 9/16/2023 1400 block of Drewry Street
Malachi Dunbar 9/17/2023 2100 block of Willoughby Court
Terrell Hancock 9/19/2023 1500 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike
Tyrone Fleming 9/19/2023 1400 block of Overlook Street
Ralshief Richardson 9/28/2023 00 block of Richmond Highway
Juvenile male 10/02/2023 1200 block of Hickory Street
Leroy Ross 10/10/2023 3700 block of Autumn Lane
Andrew Roberts 10/11/2023 2400 block of Ford Avenue
Julius Brown 10/15/2023 1500 block of Columbia Street
Keith Turner 11/16/2023 1800 block of T Street

** BOLD indicates case has been cleared **

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