Major Crimes Unit

Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Division is comprised of one captain, three lieutenants, 10 sergeants, 67 detectives, two forensic technicians and one photo lab technician.

It includes the units of Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Forensics, Arson and Youth and Family crimes.

Investigators from the Major Crimes unit continually provide information to the victim’s family throughout the course of the case. These investigators are integral to the process of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office during the presentation and prosecution of the cases.

If you need to reach one of our detectives, please contact them at their phone numbers or e-mail addresses listed here on the website. If you have difficulty reaching a detective or are not sure which detective you need to speak with, please call the Major Crimes main number (804) 646-6741.

What to do if your child has run away or is missing

The Homicide Support Group provides a place of support and healing for survivors of homicide victims.

As of December 31, 2021, 93 lives have been lost this year. At this date in 2020, 66 lives were lost.

Name Date Location
Orlando Shaw 12/13/2021 1600 block of Commerce Road
Naquan Fuller 12/2/2021 2100 block of Third Avenue
Eric Valentine 12/8/2021 1400 block of West Marshall Street
Raul Morales 12/6/2021 1400 block of Clarkson Road
Jay’Quan Royster 12/6/2021 1800 block of Southlawn Avenue
Q Kharia Wilkerson 12/3/2021 1600 block of Rosecrest Avenue
Aaron Walker 12/1/2021 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike
Briana Whittaker-Oliver 11/29/2021 3900 block of Chamberlayne Avenue
Shevan Rochester 11/28/2021 2400 block of Northumberland Avenue
Nathanial Trapp 11/14/2021 800 block of Cheatwood Avenue
Robert Pulling 11/13/2021 2500 block of Melbourne Street
Jonathan Contreras 11/9/2021 4000 block of Hull Street
Dylan Poonsammy 10/24/2021 400 block of Westover Hills Boulevard
Dontae Grissom 10/19/2021 1800 block of Rogers Street
Andre Sharp 10/11/2021 1700 block of Lamb Avenue
Natalie Simmons-Price 10/8/2021 100 block of North Jefferson Street
Michael Gregory 10/3/2021 1100 block of Cypress Street
Marcus Dyer 10/1/2021 1000 block of N. 31st Street
Rishard Watkins 9/27/2021 1300 block of Coalter Street
Kenneth Carter 9/26/2021 3100 block of Maurice Avenue
Kenneth Dunn 9/21/2021 800 block of Lodge Street
Eric Powell 9/21/2021 1200 block of Richmond Highway
Jer’maurri Gilliam 9/19/2021 3400 block of Hull Street
Marco Brooks 9/13/2021 00 block of W. 12th Street
Davvion M. Graham 9/9/2021 900 block of North 26th Street
Adrian Alaniz 9/3/2021 3100 block of Kenyon Avenue
Clarence Meredith 8/30/2021 2200 block of Halifax Avenue
Dajuan Bolden 8/27/2021 1300 block of Oakwood Avenue
Lawrence Lewis 8/25/2021 1800 block of Stegge Avenue
Edward Wells 8/22/2021 100 block of East 36th Street
Terrance Easter 8/21/2021 1300 block of Coalter Street
Juvenile: Female 8/10/2021 200 block of North 4th Street
Frederick Boatwright 8/10/2021 800 block of Holly Springs Avenue
Isaac Rodriguez 8/9/2021 4100 block of Richmond Highway
Sharnelle Wilson 8/9/2021 1100 block of Hammond Avenue
Herbert Thompson, Jr. 8/6/2021 1700 block of East Belt Boulevard
Marquez McRae 7/31/2021 2000 block of Hopkins Road
Tyree Carroll 7/27/2021 1900 block of R Street
Jermaine Green 7/26/2021 100 block of Brookland Park Boulevard
Darrick Tabb 7/20/2021 600 block of West Bacon Street
Karl McBride 7/16/2021 3300 block of Chapel Drive
Jeffrey Swiney, Jr. 7/11/2021 1900 block of West Main Street
Kevon D. Fuller 7/8/2021 3000 block of Meadowbridge Road
Kenneth Tyler 7/6/2021 1100 block of North 34th Street
Laron Harrison 7/4/2021 2500 block of Rosetta Street
Tephon Reid 7/3/2021 1500 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike
Michael Cross 6/29/2021 200 block of Green Cove Drive
Kendall Forbey 6/27/2021 200 block of North 20th Street
Saul Alejandro Martinez Barrera 6/21/2021 1400 block of Treehaven Drive
Da’Vonta McLaurin 6/20/2021 200 block of Crane Street
Keyron Haskins 6/15/2021 2300 block of Bethel Street
Kevin Rousey 6/6/2021 3200 block Logandale Avenue
Scott Johnson, II 5/15/2021 2200 block of Williamsburg Road
James Foster, III 4/30/2021 200 block of East Ladies Mile
Juvenile: Female 4/27/2021 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike
Sharnez Hill 4/27/2021 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike
Mark Adamson 4/26/2021 2800 block of Hull Street
Alex Leonard 4/23/2021 1300 block of Idlewood Avenue
Melissa Paige 4/21/2021 3500 block of East Broad Rock Road
Albert Harvey Jr. 4/11/2021 500 block of North 30th Street
Juvenile: Male 4/8/2021 2300 block Afton Avenue
Vinshaun Johnson 4/7/2021 500 block of Montvale Avenue
Ashley Wilbert 4/6/2021 600 block Wickham Street
Cody Woodson 4/5/2021 400 block of Gilmer Street
Marquez Warden 3/16/2021 5700 block of Hull Street Road
Edward Washington 3/11/2021 3500 block of Chamberlayne Avenue
Corey Holmes 3/1/2021 2200 block of N. 26th Street
Grayson Babbs 2/27/2021 900 block of St. Paul Street
Anthony Tobey, Jr. 2/26/2021 2200 block of Chateau Drive
Juvenile: Female 2/11/2021 1600 block of Rosecrest Avenue
Jayvon Coward 2/11/2021 1300 block of Coalter Street
Sylvester Washington 2/10/2021 2100 block of Harwood Street
Maurice Watson-Bey 2/2/2021 400 block of Byswick Lane
Jaquon Mitchell 1/31/2021 1500 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike
Marquis Bowles 1/22/2021 2100 block of Deforrest Street
Jamoine Tyler 1/13/2021 2300 block Ambrose Street
Sara Andrews 1/16/2021 3300 block of Stockton Street

** BOLD indicates case has been cleared **


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