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Driver’s License Ceremony

When are juveniles presented their drivers licenses?

The Court generally presents juveniles with their drivers licenses on the first Monday of every month unless otherwise scheduled by the court at 5:00 pm at the Courthouse.

Individuals will receive notification in the mail concerning which date when they are to appear. If you miss your assigned date, please contact the clerk's office for the next available presentation. 

-    You must attend with a parent or guardian, unless you are 19 years of age.
-    This is a courtroom proceeding and each licensee and parent must be appropriately dressed. Shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts, cut-off jeans, and clothing with obscene or vulgar wording or pictures are NOT appropriate. Persons who are inappropriately dressed will not be admitted but given a new date to appear.
-    Bring your hard-copy temporary driver's permit. You must surrender it before you receive your permanent license.
-    Arrive on time. Doors to the courtroom lock at 5:00 pm. You will not be permitted to enter the courtroom if you arrive after 5:00 pm.
-    If you are attending on any date other than your regular scheduled date, please call the court to ensure that a presentation is scheduled.