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Zoning Ordinance Re-Write



Re-writing the zoning ordinance is identified in the Richmond 300 Master Plan as one of the Big Moves. A re-write process means developing new zoning categories and descriptions, and then mapping those categories to every parcel in the city. The zoning code is a legal document that describes what may be built on a piece of property. A re-write process can take up to three years. The last time the zoning ordinance was re-written was in the mid-1970s. Since then, the zoning code has had piece-meal updates to accommodate the city’s changing needs throughout the years. 

Click HERE to view the existing zoning ordinance

Click HERE to view the existing zoning map

Purpose of the Re-write

As the city grows, the zoning ordinance is big tool in helping guide and direct that growth. Our current zoning ordinance separates uses into different districts with limited opportunity for mixed-uses. To align with the vision and equity and sustainability goals in the Richmond 300 Master Plan, the re-write of the zoning ordinance will move the city from distinct separation of uses, to allowing for more mixing of uses and incorporate more form-based elements. 

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will include a diverse group of Richmonders who will help guide the city and the consultant on the direction of the zoning ordinance. This is not a decision-making body, but a volunteer group of citizens who will be the voice of Richmonders in the room. Council members will also assist at community engagement events and spread the word among the community about the zoning re-write.

Apply to be a member of the Advisory Council (Online Application)

Apply to be a member of the Advisory Council (PDF Application)

The city will spend the next few months evaluating the Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the zoning re-write.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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