Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections are now available for inspections within occupied buildings undergoing construction. This new service will provide customers, who were previously unable to obtain an inspection because of social distancing requirements, to move forward with their project. Other inspection types may qualify for Virtual Inspections but must first be approved by the City building inspector. To inquire please e-mail

The following technology will be required to use the Virtual Inspections option:

  • A smartphone or tablet connected to Wi-Fi or 4G wireless service.
  • FaceTime (Apple OS devices) for iPhones only.
  • Android or i-Phones can be used with Microsoft Teams to host the video call.
  • Check your mobile device’s app store to download before scheduling.

Send an e-mail to with the following Information:

  • Permit Number.
  • Type of inspection.
  • Cell phone number of the person walking the inspection site.
  • E-mail address of the person walking the inspection site.
  • Method of video call you intend to use.

The City building inspector will then reach out to you by phone to discuss a date and approximate time for the inspection.

  • Face time users (iPhone) will receive a text from the inspector to initiate the Virtual Inspection by calling the inspector using FaceTime on their cell phone.
  • Microsoft Team users (Instructions).

Please have these basic Items ready for your inspection, other equipment may be required based on your type of inspection. The inspector will inform you of these additional items prior to the inspection.

  • Construction lighting or a Flash light.
  • Tape measure and level.
  • Step ladder.
  • Accept the incoming call initiated by your inspector at the scheduled time.
  • Follow your inspector’s instructions.
  • Begin at street view looking at the structure with the address showing.
  • Walk the inspection in a clockwise direction.
  • Walk the inspection from bottom to top, if multiple floors. If residential, top to bottom following the load path.
  • Be prepared to show the inspector a copy of the approved construction documents.
  • The inspector will inform you if you passed or failed at the end of the inspection.
  • A report will be sent to you via e-mail.